School Sports Update – 1/22/21

School Sports Update – 1/22/21

Governor Whitmer’s press conference this morning included brand new information for the MHSAA and member schools relative to winter contact sports.  This additional delay in winter contact practices and competition was not anticipated, and today’s announcement has created many new questions. That being said, the MHSAA and its Representative Council are currently working to obtain further information on the MDHHS order.

Even with this new order, there are no changes to current winter sports practices in basketball, ice hockey and wrestling as those activities can continue with no physical contact, using social distancing and face masks.

The previous allowance for practice/competition to begin in the sports of alpine skiing, bowling, figure skating, gymnastics, nordic skiing and swimming & diving also remains unchanged based on the guidelines included in the Return to Activity resources for those sports.

The Representative Council and MHSAA staff will be using the next few days to gather all information and discuss current options.  Know that the MHSAA remains FULLY committed to winter and spring sport seasons as this latest set of hurdles will require continued creativity in finding the way for both remaining seasons to be played.

Further information with updated details will be shared early next week.